VW T2 Camper

Efrem Leigh

Now I have always had a passion for Vee dubs… 

My dad owned campers, a variant and I guess I inherited that passion from him.. a lot to thank him for I guess!

The photo below is an example, me being a numpty with a very dodgy hair cut but in front of my dads van I took to Lake Bala in Wales as teen.

Lake Bala

I remember when I was 18 sitting on a bus commuting to work from Hatfield into Marble Arch in London and on my way to my job at the BBC in Shepherd’s Bush.

At the main roundabout in Mill Hill there was a Porsche garage and that day I saw a white beetle convertible with a black roof and fell in love with it.

So after a quick visit to the bank and a loan arranged I bought my first VW…

It was a 1300 and wasnt a factory built cabriolet but a chop off version..

I will never forget driving it home up the A1 to Hatfield with the roof down and a huge grin on my face!

I sold that after a year or so as it needed welding work to support the chassis and thanks to my mum who was in London I heard about another light blue beetle and ploughed my money into that!

It was a 1302s with kadron exhaust, wooden steering wheel and flared wide wheel arches with 235 15 inch Wolfrace wheels and was a beauty!

Unfortunately it was written off as I driving into work in Shepherds Bush one morning and as I was approaching the traffic lights in Hendon by the tube station a Daimler in front of me started to go through the amber lights and I followed him but he decided to stop and I went straight into back of him… he had anti lock brakes and of course I didnt!

Particularly annoying as I had just had new spot lights fitted to the front and it was looking great!

Whilst I had these 2 bugs I attended a couple of VW meetings and was a member of the VW Owners Club of GB but after the crash and having to scrap the beetle it was the end of VW’s for me.. until now!!

I always vowed one day to own a camper myself.. a dream.. 

Thanks to my dad I had grown up inside campers and dad took us 4 kids around Europe in 1970 in one up to Sweden, Norway, Germany and he also owned a Variant and another white Camper when I was 18 which I used to drive around Hatfield and also went on a trip with my bro Hylton to the Lake District and one trip to Lake Bala in Wales with Sandy Underwood, Chris Ktori, Nikki Steen and Caron Huxley.. meeting up with Rupert Smith and Phil Wheeler there.. good times!

I kept an interest in beetles and campers all these years and when my brother Darin and his wife Kathy bought a Brazilian camper to go around Europe in 2012 I got to drive it albeit it just round the block..

I had camper van calendars and camper van tea mugs so it was only going to be a matter of time til I had saved the cash to buy one again!!

Then in August 2016 I took my cash, went on ebay and bought Bob from a guy in East Worthing, drove it back to south of France in a 26 hour non stop journey and the romance lives on!!

I look forward to many new adventures and enjoying this classic legend!

Bob - 2016