VW Beetles – my teens

Efrem Leigh

VW Beetles – my teens

February 3, 2017 VW 0

My first job after leaving school was with the BBC in Shepherds Bush. I used to get a 797 bus from Hatfield into London and get off at Marble Arch and then a tube to Shepherds Bush.

One day as the bus was going thru Mill Hill I spotted a white VW beetle convertible at the Porsche garage.. instant love!

So I went straight to Barclays and arranged a loan and the next day I bought it!

I will never forget the rush driving the beetle along the A1 back to Hatfield that first day!

I have fond memories of that bug and driving round town with my mates..

It wasnt an original convertible and had been converted so when I found out it needed some welding to make it more sound I decided to sell it.. the photo above is the day I sold it..

Luckily my mum saw a beetle in Hampstead for sale and I bought that one..

A 1302s with bored out 1600 engine and 15 inch, 235 VR rated wheels, kadron exhaust and wooden steering wheel.

A great car as you can see and I used to commute up and down A1 between Ealing and Hatfield in it!! #happydays

One day I was driving into work in London and as I approached the traffic lights at Hendon Central a Daimler in front of me started going through the lights as they went orange as I followed. But he saw a police car coming towards him on the other side and stopped. As he had ABS he stopped but I didnt and went into back of him..

The car was knackered.. a sad day and I decided to scrap it as it would cost more to repair that I paid for it..


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