VW Beetles – my teens

My first job after leaving school was with the BBC in Shepherds Bush. I used to get a 797 bus from Hatfield into London and get off at Marble Arch and then a tube to Shepherds Bush.

One day as the bus was going thru Mill Hill I spotted a white VW beetle convertible at the Porsche garage.. instant love!

So I went straight to Barclays and arranged a loan and the next day I bought it!

I will never forget the rush driving the beetle along the A1 back to Hatfield that first day!

I have fond memories of that bug and driving round town with my mates..

It wasnt an original convertible and had been converted so when I found out it needed some welding to make it more sound I decided to sell it.. the photo above is the day I sold it..

Luckily my mum saw a beetle in Hampstead for sale and I bought that one..

A 1302s with bored out 1600 engine and 15 inch, 235 VR rated wheels, kadron exhaust and wooden steering wheel.

A great car as you can see and I used to commute up and down A1 between Ealing and Hatfield in it!! #happydays

One day I was driving into work in London and as I approached the traffic lights at Hendon Central a Daimler in front of me started going through the lights as they went orange as I followed. But he saw a police car coming towards him on the other side and stopped. As he had ABS he stopped but I didnt and went into back of him..

The car was knackered.. a sad day and I decided to scrap it as it would cost more to repair that I paid for it..

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VW – Slyties Restoration Mougins


August 2016:

So I have the camper but I cant use it and I need to sort a starter motor issue and I search down here in Antibes for a VW specialist to use who can be trusted and who wont rip me off…

So I first try Patrick at Vw Bugs in Vallauris who was recommended by someone. I go see him on my scooter and he quotes e 500 euros to service the van without seeing it.. a non starter!

Then I dig around on Google and find 69campers.com near Lake Cassien and get to know Matt the owner.. Great guy who rents out T1, T2 and T5 campers down here. He does all his own servicing and restoring and also tells me about Mechatechnic and VW Heritage for parts etc.. great contact!!

I mention to Matt about my starter issues and he tells me to contact a guy called Sylvain who is based near Mougins.

So I head to Mougins and Sylvain spends 3 hours looking at the starter issue and finally solves it for me.. what a top guy! His workshop is full of Karman Ghias, beetles, Porsche 914 and he has a huge assortment of VW’s outside..

A fantastic bloke, honest and my new buddy!

I also meet other VW owners and so starts my networking down here with other VW bods!!

Happy days!

His website is http://slytiesrestoration.wixsite.com/slyties-restoration

Definitely a trustworthy and honest VW specialist!! The one to use!

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