Dennis – 1969 VW T2 Tintop Microbus

I sold my variant and had been looking for a double cab for more than 3 years and not found a DC anywhere in right condition, for right price…

I saw on ebay in UK a 1969 California import to UK and got pn a plane to Norwich to see it.

32 hour drive later I was back in south of France with my new investment.

The car was a 1969 tintop, it was originally an 8 seater microbus when in left the factory but the guy I had bought it from had registered it only as a 5 seater. It had been lowered as well and for 5 months I drive it around but it bottomed out everytime I went out in it so I ended up switching the lowered spindles to original ones…

You can see the difference between the 1971 Westfalia – Bob and my 1969 Dennis.. both have own qualities!

Video is at:

Info on it:


Bus was imported from California to UK in 2014 so very dry and rust free and was renovated in 2015 in UK by a professional.

It is now registered on French Carte Grise Collection, immatriculation Francaise with controle technique til 06/2021 with FFVE certificate.

The bodywork is in excellent condition with new deluxe chrome trim, all window seals are new and it has a new paint job and underneath it is solid, dry and rust free!

Blank canvas inside. The rear is empty and I use it to transport my kayak or go camping.

Front seas and carpets all in excellent condition with new Wolfsburg seat belts up front


Fitted with 1641cc single port which pulls really nicely
Engle 110 cam
Single Weber 36 IDF
Vintage Speed Exhaust which has a fantastic sound
Electronic Ignition

Dropped Spindles 
Beam adjuster 
Adjustable rear spring plates

Short shifter

Church key for fuel flap

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Rita – 1972 VW Variant 1600LE Squareback

I decided to invest what money I had in the bank in a Type 3 VW which I found in Spain near Valencia.

I really enjoyed owning this squareback for just over a year and used it to take my kayak to the beach at sunrise.. great running engine, great on motorway, no issues with it in time I had it.

It was a USA Specification 1600 fuel injection, was a blast to own and drive and I only sold it as I wanted the more upright seating position of a T2 early bay.

So with heavy heart I sold it to a guy from NE France…


1972 Volkswagen Squareback (Variant 1600LE) Type 3
Special USA edition
Car was kept in Spain and had restoration in 2005. Current owner purchased in 2017 from owner in Spain where it was only used 30km maximum each week just to keep engine running..

• Finished in Royal Red (originally car was pastel white).
• It was restored in 2005 and still remains in excellent condition both inside and outside the car!
• It has the Injection 1584 c.c. engine, 54 hp eg 1600LE
• TMI upholstery inside with new carpets and seat covers etc..
• It has a Flat 4 roof rack.
• Original Westfalia tow hitch.
• Period Australian external metal sunvisor.
• Door handle shields.
• Wegu mud flaps.
• Window chrome vent trims.
• Period under dash parcel tray.
• Kamei central black parcel tray.
• Chrome rubber bumper guards.
• Sprint Star wheels.
• Blaupunkt radio.
• CD player hidden inside glove box.
• Rear seat accessory head rests.
• Rear seat belts.
• Car comes in box of spares and copy of full parts lists for original car and also VW Certificate confirming car and also the original ITV stamps from its controls

Videos of car can be seen at:

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